We Are Knitters: Silver Monk Sweater Review

Hey everyone! Sorry for being M.I.A the last few weeks — Life + Etsy orders got busy, and I was truthfully struggling to find inspiration and direction in regards to the future of this blog. This post is long overdue, but alas it is here: The Silver Monk Sweater Review!

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How to Knit a Cowl!

For anyone who has never picked up a pair of needles, or considers themselves to be the opposite of crafty, something like knitting can seem incredibly intimidating at first glance. Walk into any knitting store and your fears will be instantly confirmed: different colours, weights, and fibres of yarn cover what feels like every surrounding wall (is that yarn on the ceiling?). Not to mention all of the different types of knitting needles hanging from those rotating displays! The good news is that you can finally put away that overwhelming feeling of “I could never do that”, and replace it with a confident (and incredibly proud) “The scarf I’m wearing? Oh, yeah, I knit that. No big deal.

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