Portland Sweater Wrap *Pattern Review*

Ah, mother’s day. A wonderful holiday that celebrates all the hard-working mama’s out there, and everything they do for us. It’s a day that only comes once a year, and one that must not be taken for granted. While we should always take a moment to thank our moms, this is the one where we get to go that extra 10 miles. This year, I didn’t want to buy my mom another novelty item or a book I wasn’t even sure if she’d read. Instead, I thought back to my childhood when I’d bring home something handmade from school, and it seemed like her smile would light up every room in the house. There’s just something incredibly special about gifting handmade, and this was that year.

I stumbled upon The Portland Sweater Wrap by Emily of The Blue Mouse while surfing through Instagram awhile back, and a week before mothers day it clicked to me that it would make the perfect gift. With the weather warming up, chunky knits were out of the question. But the wonderful thing about May in Canada is that the nights can still be pretty chilly!

The great thing about this wrap is it’s versatility. You can wear it when it’s mild over a tank, or wear it over a long sleeve shirt when it’s chilly. It’s basically a wearable blanket, and everyone needs one of those!

Here are a few important things to note about this pattern if you’re considering purchasing it:

  • The pattern does not require any colour changing. Emily suggests using a self-striping yarn, which is exactly what I did. I took a short trip to a nearby Michaels with my mom in tow, and had her pick a skein that consisted of her favourite colour combinations. The idea of using a self-striping yarn is probably my favourite thing about this pattern! There’s something exciting about watching how the colours play out as you knit everything up.
  • It’s rather time consuming. This point is sort of a given, but for some reason I seemed to think I would have it knit up by mothers day weekend (which was four days away at the time I purchased the pattern). I was very wrong. While it can definitely be done in four days, one would have to be knitting for multiple hours on end. It ended up taking me about two weeks, and was given as a late mother’s day gift. This, however, was of no fault of the pattern. It was instead a testament to my lack of time management… Whoops!
  • It’s great for any level knitter. The pattern consists of only three stitches: Knit, Purl, and YO. This makes it perfect for beginners, while the length of the project makes it perfect for advanced knitters! My only suggestion would be to avoid rushing through it, no matter what level you consider yourself. I accidentally dropped a few stitches along the way, and while I was able to pick them up, a few barely-visible (but still totally visible) mistakes remain.
  • It includes two sizes. Keeping in mind that not everyone is the same height, Emily offers two sizes for the wrap. One regular, and one petite. I opted for the former. At 5’7.5, the length of the wrap falls around my legs at mid-thigh. On my 5’3 mother, however, it falls around her knees. While she insists the length is perfect, if I were to make another for someone around her height I would probably use the petite size. According to the details in the pattern listing, the regular measures in length at around 67″, while the petite falls around 55″.

Would I recommend this pattern? Absolutely! Not only was it fun to watch the self-striping yarn come to life, but the pattern was incredible easy to follow. Despite my struggle to keep interested in time-consuming projects, this one was well worth every hour it took. My mom loves it, and can’t wait to wear it with some jeans and a pair of cowboy boots! That is, if she can find it in my wardrobe….

Click the image below for a link to Emily’s shop, where you can find out more about this pattern and purchase it for yourself!


*** Keep an eye out for next week’s Maker Monday, which will feature Emily Nugen, the young & talented creator behind the Portland Wrap! ***


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