We Are Knitters: Silver Monk Sweater Review

Hey everyone! Sorry for being M.I.A the last few weeks — Life + Etsy orders got busy, and I was truthfully struggling to find inspiration and direction in regards to the future of this blog. This post is long overdue, but alas it is here: The Silver Monk Sweater Review!

Most of you have probably already heard of We Are Knitters, but for those who have not, they are a company that creates knitting (and crochet!) kits, using their own designs and wool. When you purchase a kit you will receive the pattern, the right amount of skeins for your project based on the size you have chosen, and a pair of knitting needles (if selected at checkout for an additional charge).

The Silver Monk Sweater is perfect for beginners and advanced knitters alike; as it introduces beginners to a new level of knitting, while the length of time the project takes is perfect for advanced knitters who want to create something new without too much complexity. The sweater is lightweight and knit with an open back, which makes it perfect for summer nights! You can catch a glimpse of the sweater in the image below, which features the yarn used, a pair of WAK needles, and the bag it was all delivered in.


The sweater is designed using Pima Cotton yarn, which WAK describes as:

A variety of cotton that is especially soft, light, and resistant, and which comes from a city in Peru named Piura. Our cotton is one of the best in the world. Don’t hesitate to use it for your most summery projects; whatever project you use it for will be soft and light. The colours you will find are unique, and they will give everything you know an unmistakeable touch… Surely you won’t be satisfied with just one.”

After having spent hours knitting with it, I can definitely speak to this testament! The cotton is squishy, vibrant, and incredibly soft to the touch. It is nothing short of a dream to work with.



Below are two pictures of how my sweater turned out. My favourite part is definitely the large open back, as well as the strings used to tie it behind the neck! Paired with a cute bralette and a pair of jeans, it is definitely a new staple in my wardrobe.

I firmly believe that every knitter (and crocheter, too!) should try at least one kit at some point in their lives. There is something incredibly special about having a WAK parcel delivered right to your doorstep, and knowing that you have everything you need to create something beautiful. From sweaters, to blankets, to snoods; the maker options are unlimited!

If you’re interested in purchasing a kit for yourself, take a peak using the following link, I promise you will not regret it: X



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